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Important Information about your Converter: New Favorites Options, Search Features and more!

On August 10th, you will receive an automatic software download which includes new features for you. This is a new time for a previously scheduled download.

The upgrade now includes:

  • New functionality for the FAV (Favorites) button! Now use this button to skip from favorite channel to favorite channel while browsing the Guide. This replaces Sorting By Favorites and is back by popular demand!
  • Improved searching capability
  • Ability to find future viewing times and additional episodes for a show in progress
  • Ability to switch back and forth between two live shows and rewind each show at any time (DVR User Only)
  • Power Save Option: set your box to automatically enter power save mode after 4 hours of inactivity
It will take about 30 minutes for these new features to be installed. During that time it is important that you not disconnect your converter(s) or interrupt the download process.

The upgrade may reset your converter to its default settings. Please make a note of your current settings on this handy checklist. After the upgrade, use the checklist to reset your converter, by pressing SETTINGS on your remote control.

Visit brighthouse.com/hdmi for more information on this upgrade or your settings.

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My Settings Checklist
Use this checklist to remember your current settings and check them after the upgrade by pressing SETTINGS on your remote control. Additional details and information can be found at brighthouse.com/HDMI.

PICTURE SIZE: _____________________________________
OUTPUT RESOLUTON: __________________________________

We recommend setting your output resolution rather than leaving it at the default settings as this will increase tuner speed.

ASPECT RATIO: _____________________________________
AUDIO SETTINGS: _____________________________________
CLOSED CAPTIONING: ____________________________________

In order for the new settings to be saved, leave your box on for one full minute after resetting.

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